Beginners and new student guide

New absolute beginners First Step Salsa course starts 29.8.2023. In total 22.5 hours. Sign up here

New absolute beginners First Step Bachata course starts 28.8.2023. In total 18.45 hours. Sign up here

Welcome to Still Dancing Studio to learn salsa and bachata with professional dance teachers! Still dancing studio has been chosen as the Salsa Dance School of the year 2021!

We have courses that are dedicated for total beginners. By total beginners we mean people with absolut no dancing background or dancing skills. These courses can be found by the names First Step Salsa and First Step Bachata in the timetable. These groups will progressively practise every week together with the professional dance teachers. Before each season we organize both bachata and salsa weekend workshops that are very good kick starters for this fantastic new hobby!

Salsa dance
Salsa dance is created in USA and is a common dance in the world. The figures and choreography we learn at the school are danced all over Europe, South and North America. In Finland, the salsa community is growing all the time and there are already  a lot of salsa and bachata dancers all over Finland and especially in Helsinki. Salsa is normally danced either on the first beat (salsa on1) or on the second beat (salsa on2). The salsa music is based on mambo music so sometimes the salsa on 2 is also called by the name “mambo”.  Our most improved salsa group’s name is Mambo Kings and in that group we dance on the second beat. In the salsa on 1 group we dance on the first beat but we will also practise dancing on 2 as we go along and progress in the class. 

Bachata dance comes originally from the Dominican Republic but it has evolved and gotten influences from Southern Europe. Bachata is danced a lot in Spain for example and that’s why the fusion bachata has a lot of influences from Spain.  In our bachata courses we dance bachata fusion which is the most common bachata dance style in Finland and in the rest of the world. Fusion style combines elements from other dance styles like Kizomba, Zouk and many other dances. During the dance classes we will improve the dance techniques with a partner and individually (solo part). Usually the lesson starts with a bit of warm up and solo dancing after which we will dance in couples. Normal duration of a couple class is 1,5 hours and solo classes 1h. 

Our customers 
We have many different groups aimed for different levels of dancers: beginners, improved and advanced. In total we have 150 students attending the different classes all from different age groups 20+ to 50 year old women and men. Dancers from all ages are welcome to join the dance hobby!

The course is always for the whole season (summer, autumn, spring) and we practise with the same group every week. This will guarantee the learning process and the great atmosphere and motivation in the group. The autumn and spring season’s duration is 4 months.

No refund but in some cases the exchange is possible.

Summer season First step courses costs 135€.

Accepted payment methods
SM vouchers, culture vouchers, Edenred and cash and credit/debit cards. In case you cannot make it to a class you can redo that class by joining in our solo classes you prefer. If you get ill we will automatically transfer the payment of the course to the next season when you are able to join the training again.

Notice! We are trying to do our best to take the corona situation into account. So in case the cases go up again we will for instance not rotate partners during classes and so on. Generally we have good hygiene at the studio, there is disinfection liquid available and the air conditioning is top notch. 

Dance partner
You don’t need your own partner in order to sign up for the class. We will rotate the couples in the class which will help you learn faster. If you wish to do so you can sign up with your own partner and dance together in the classes. 

The location 
The studio is situated in Salmisaari next to Länsiväylä right at the end of Helsinki side. There are some free and maksullinen parking spaces right next to the Salmisaari liikuntakeskus and also there is a parking hall with maksullinen parking.

The public transportation will take you there by metro and the little bus from Ruoholahti to the sports center.

The studio
The studio is super fresh and new with good air conditioning. Studio is on floor in Salmisaaren liikuntakeskus. We have a dressing room at the sports center on the 2nd floor. The dressing rooms have showers as well (for men and women).

What to bring with you? 
We recommend shoes that can be worn inside and dance shoes or sports shoes. For clothes we recommend relaxed training clothes and a water bottle. 

Professional dance teachers The lovely and experienced teacher and owner of the dance school is Hanna Still who has been competing internationally and successfully in both Salsa and Bachata together with her dance partner Niklas Laine.

More information about us 
Still Dancing has been popular since it was started 2020. We have a really good atmosphere at the dance classes and at the school. Our work has inspired to others to organise parties and salsa classes in Salmisaari! You can easily join us no matter if you are a beginner or a more improved dancer and you will be warmly welcome.

Contact: / phone: 0456524082

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New absolute beginners First Step Salsa course starts 29.8.2023 Sign up here

New absolute beginners First Step Bachata course starts 28.8.2023. Sign up here